Redlands Snake Catcher & Removal

Video credit: Wildiaries

Redlands City has a abundance of bushland and creeks surrounding suburbia this is home to many snake species the most commonly caught snake in this are would be the Carpet python however many other species are found. The Carpet python is often found in peoples roofs, backyards and inside their homes. Red belly black snakes are also fairly common along with the Yellow faced whip snake and Eastern small eyed snake. Our Snake Catchers are very well adapt in dealing with all snake species that may be encountered within Redland City.  If you need a snake removed always call an experienced and Licensed Redlands snake catcher to assist you.Don't Risk it!

​​*CALL OUT FEE'S APPLY - Please note there is no such thing as a free snake catching service all native wildlife is protected under the Nature conservation Act 1992 and must be relocated by a licensed professional for the animals welfare and your own safety

Interesting Facts: Some great snake advice from Rex Neindorf

Below is a list of suburbs within Redland City our Redlands Snake Catchers are available to service

Call 0434 146 109 for a 24/7 Redlands Snake Catcher 


Below is a small selection of the snakes removed from by our Redlands snake catcher