Statistics say 1 in 3 properties has a snake living within the roof here at ESCS a good portion of our work involves roof searches if you are need of a roof Inspection simply give us a call to book one with our experienced snake catchers

 Venomous Snake Removal

We are available to remove any snakes that maybe causing issues around your property or business. This is includes Carpet python removal, common tree snakes, and many more 

Had  snake problems in the past? want your property inspected for any potential intruders? or just want some general advice on keeping them away? here at Elite snake catching services we are happy to send out one of our snake catchers to inspect your property, we also take time to sit with you and come up with precautionary solutions to keep snakes away.

Call our Snake Catchers  for a free Quote on 0434 146 109

Roof Inspections

Eastern brown snake in brisbane

 Non - Venomous snake Removal

We do not just remove snakes here at Elite Snake Catching Services. If you have come across a lizard or monitor/goanna we are more than happy to have that removed and relocated for you. Our snake catchers are trained in the removal of lizards as well

common brisbane snake

  Snake Inspections & Precaution Consulting

Lizard reptile picture

Our snake catchers are professionally trained in dealing with these potentially dangerous snakes. Some of them include the Eastern Brown, Red Belly Black, Eastern Small Eyed snake,Crown Snakes, Brown Tree, Marsh snake, yellow face whip snake and more.

Carpet Python snake in brisbane


 Monitor/Goanna Removal